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Release Your Voice

4 weeks to feeling more connected, confident and joyful when you sing

This course was made for singers who are frustrated by body tension, over-thinking when they perform and are more anxious than joyful when they sing.

Most performers, no matter their level of experience, are struggling with that the negative little voice in their head who causes them to freeze, make mistakes and saps the pleasure out of singing.

That's where Release Your Voice comes to the rescue.

A detailed 4 week course with specific tools to help you to get back to the reason you started singing in the first place, leave your anxiety at the door and concentrate on truly connecting and expressing yourself in the practice room and on stage.


  • Get anxious or feel paralysed in performances because you can't stop worrying about what might go wrong?
  • Know that your lack of self belief or confidence is holding you back from achieving some of your singing goals?
  • Feel scattered when you try to sing because you have a million thoughts about your technique running through your head?
  • Find it hard to connect to the emotion of a song, let alone share it with the audience?
  • Feel as though singing is becoming a chore and you're losing more of your passion and joy every day?

You are not alone.

Most of us believe that we have no control over these thoughts that sabotage our voices. That we can train our bodies but our minds are another story.

Luckily the mind can be trained like any other muscle and there are techniques to help you feel more in flow and less at the mercy of your fear or emotions.

If you really want to

  • Stop over-analysing every note and enjoy the process of singing more
  • Be able to relax into your body and let go of tension and anxiety
  • Be present when you perform and connect more deeply to the music

... keep reading.

Singing is something we do for FUN. As a way of expressing ourselves creatively.

It should be about balancing learning new technical skills with being able to let go and be completely in the moment. That's how you'll feel more passionate and more at ease on the stage.

"For years I had struggled with my inner voice telling me ‘you’re not good enough’. It was stopping me from enjoying things I loved to do most, especially singing. That was until I found Release Your Voice.

This course allowed me to release all the tension from my body, relax my throat and help me find my voice.As an added bonus it enabled me to understand why I was self-sabotaging and gave me the tools to work through it.

Now because of Kim and Abbie, I am finally able to trust myself and my voice. Thank you guys!"

- Isabelle



That's what Release Your Voice was designed to do.

To stop the battle between your brain and your body and start singing more like a moving meditation.

To go from constantly pushing and overloading your brain with new techniques to allowing space for these to integrate before moving on to the next one.

To start making music that's about expression, emotion and the connection with yourself and your audience.

Is it time to give yourself permission to explore this side of your vocal journey?


Your Instructor

Abbie Rose and Kimberley Smith
Abbie Rose and Kimberley Smith

Kim is a vocal coach and all 'round singing nerd. She is travel obsessed, coffee obsessed and excited to see some epic transformations in this course!

Abbie is a certified yoga teacher and EFT practitioner, based in Los Angeles, CA. She is thrilled to be on the RYV journey with you! She welcomes your questions, abbie@yogawithin.net


There is no other singing course out there that brings the knowledge of a vocal coach together with an expert in yoga, mindset and emotional work.

This course is the first to move from purely technical training into a much more holistic way of developing your voice.

Technique is the EASY part of the puzzle. Overcoming negative self beliefs, perfectionism, the need to control the voice and mental overload needs a different approach altogether.


Release Your Voice is a 4 week interactive course taught by not only a vocal coach but also a yoga/EFT expert so that you're able to integrate the body and mind work specifically with your singing practice and performance.

You'll have:

  • An easy to use course platform that allows you to ask questions throughout the duration of the program so that you never have to worry about getting it wrong
  • Crystal clear video tutorials so that you can follow along and SEE exactly how we're doing it
  • Audio downloads to give you access to these techniques on the go
  • Access to a live Q & A call with Kim and Abbie where you can ask for more specific one to one guidance on the areas you're finding difficult.

You'll receive tools and techniques to:

  • Release fear, self doubt and anxiety to allow for a much more enjoyable experience
  • Discover and let go of tension in your body you weren't even aware of that has been absorbing your sound and resonance
  • Stretch and massage the muscles that are commonly causing issues for singers

You'll understand:

  • What singing should feel like
  • How to make friends with stage fright
  • How to centre yourself before a performance
  • How to bring more joy back into your practice


You'll have access to this course as long as it's running so you can take your time and don't have to put your life on hold to rush through it.

We would never want you to be unhappy, so we also have a refund guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us in the first 7 days and we will give you a full refund (please note: the cost of the book cannot be refunded for the course + book option).

"Kim, before meeting you, I never knew just how vital it would be to address the emotional aspect of singing.

It has been almost shocking to realize just how varied my tone can sound depending on the level of fear and negative self talk I happen to be contending with on any given day.

I was so grateful to be a part of the live call. I could literally feel a transformation within me as we sang and did the exercises together. There is a beautiful honesty about EFT which actually allows me to access the issues that I have long since buried.

Though I have a ways to go, I'm starting to experience the freedom and catharsis that comes from finally letting go.It's also been so wonderful to have these yoga, meditation, and massage techniques geared just for singers.

I'm so grateful to have such an arsenal of tools that I can use to find release. There are a lot of singing techniques that I want to work on, but truthfully, I know that my work here with "Release Your Voice" will be the indispensable cornerstone to my foundation. Thank you for such groundbreaking teaching."

- Lori

"I liked how the emphasis was on changing the way I think about my voice, relaxing about the process of singing and being present and enjoying it.

The best tip I think was about how adrenaline actually helps performance as it adds emotion and 'pop' to performance. I really latched onto that the last time I sung and I had some feedback that my song made several people quite emotional and moved.

It was also what I needed as I was thinking " I am not good enough' a lot and I now focus on being who I am and where I am at with singing. Maybe in a year my voice will be 'better' but thats not the point of singing, it's to share a sentiment, an emotion and connect with an audience and that's really helped me stop thinking about what other people think or if other performers were better.

Many thanks for such a heartfelt, positive and practical program."

- Amy

"I just watched, and sang through, and massaged and tapped, and repeated after you, the whole show! It was absolutely wonderful.

I "allowed myself to let go of my to do list" and thoroughly enjoyed your program.

Abbie and Kimberley make a great team and I think you have just helped a lot of people be in the moment, get out of their heads, and just soak up the deliciousness of releasing their voice.

Truly inspiring.

- Kris


You can have incredible technique and the best set of pipes this world has ever seen, but if nobody hears you – what’s the point?

If you don’t feel great about your art and contribution, you won’t share it.

If you listen to the negative self talk or over-analyse the pants off your voice, you won’t have the confidence to perform.

If you keep controlling or holding back your voice in any way, you won’t ever know what you’re capable of.

I have seen so many happy tears in the studio when a student discovers how full and rich their voice sounds when they completely let go. In fact, I’ve shed some of them myself!

Get started now!