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Release Your Voice

4 weeks to feeling more connected, confident and joyful when you sing


Imagine if you didn’t over-analyse every note and enjoyed the process of singing more.

What if you could learn to relax into your body and let go of tension and anxiety?

Think of how it would feel to release your voice without fear and trust that something great would come out.


– Feeling free of the negative self talk or technique overload when you sing?

– Being able to let go of the tension in your body that you know is holding your voice back?

– Feeling present when you perform and connecting more deeply to the music?

– Embracing your unique voice by letting go of the control from your throat (spoiler alert, you actually GAIN MORE control when you do this)?

– Unlocking and releasing the reasons why you’re holding your voice back and being hard on yourself?

Yeah, who wouldn’t? Then keep reading, because we have you sorted my dear.


I have always been extremely passionate about encouraging singers to be open about their emotions and the struggles they encounter with their voices.Technique is the EASY part of the puzzle, overcoming negative self beliefs, perfectionism, the need to control the voice and mental overload is the hard part.

Luckily enough, a fabulous yoga and EFT coach called Abbie Rose sent me an email about putting something together for vocalists that would include singer-specific yoga stretches and self massage techniques. I was more excited than a kid at Christmas.

Putting together this course took months of back and forth emails, Skype calls and a visit to Los Angeles; but it was 100% worth it. Now singers have a way to access tools to help them let go and enjoy the process of singing again.


Abbie and I wanted this 4 week course to contain all the tools we thought were useful in order to virtually be holding your hand through this.

Over 3 hours of video tutorials walking you through:

  • Breathing
  • Meditation techniques
  • Fear, self doubt and anxiety release
  • Tension release and body scanning
  • Yoga stretches and self massage specifically designed for singers

Step by step guidance on:

  • What singing should feel like
  • How to make friends with stage fright
  • Centering before a performance
  • How to bring more joy back into your practice

Audio files to give you access to these techniques on the go

A live Q & A call where we can give you one on one personal feedback and guidance.

Your Instructor

Abbie Rose and Kimberley Smith
Abbie Rose and Kimberley Smith

Kim is a vocal coach and all 'round singing nerd. She is travel obsessed, coffee obsessed and excited to see some epic transformations in this course!

Abbie is a certified yoga teacher and EFT practitioner, based in Los Angeles, CA. She is thrilled to be on the RYV journey with you! She welcomes your questions, abbie@yogawithin.net


You can have incredible technique and the best set of pipes this world has ever seen, but if nobody hears you – what’s the point?

If you don’t feel great about your art and contribution, you won’t share it.

If you listen to the negative self talk or over-analyse the pants off your voice, you won’t have the confidence to perform.

If you keep controlling or holding back your voice in any way, you won’t ever know what you’re capable of.

I have seen so many happy tears in the studio when a student discovers how full and rich their voice sounds when they completely let go. In fact, I’ve shed some of them myself!

This course is not open for enrollment.